I always liked learning and tinkering with computers. That's actually how I got into programming and later how I got my first IT job. But I always liked writing and sharing what I learned, too.

As a programmer I'm mostly interested in topics related to back-end, code architecture and the cloud. In my daily work I use TypeScript, Node.js and various AWS services. I love Go and use GCP more and more. Recently, I became an AWS Certified Developer - Associate, and I'm currently working on my AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certifications.

Outside of work, I race on virtual tracks in simulated racing. It's a rather niche hobby that exploded in popularity during the lockdown (GT3, GT4 and open-wheel cars!). As pretty much everyone - I like good coffee (aeropress FTW!), a good book ("How To?" by Randall Munroe!) and playing some good video games. Frankly, anything good is good.