Hey, because I do collect some data (anonymous traffic information) I want to inform you about what and where is collected. First of all, no personal information is gathered. Only anonymised data like: browser, screen size, country, operating system and some referral information about where you came from.


I use Plausible to collect that data. You can check it yourself, as all data I collect is public. No shenanigans, see for yourself, this is all I've got. You can always check it here:

Apart from Plausible I also use Vercel to host the website. They offer some performance metrics and I use those too. Stats are anonymized as well and they contain things like image or page load times and other developer-minded metrics.

mailing list

Currently, I use Mailchimp as my newsletter/mailing list provider. I transfer them your email address and a flag that you consent to receiving marketing emails from me. That means I can send you stuff under GDPR. I'll move to more privacy-minded solution ASAP.